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SlowLifeCycling Koh Chang Bicycle Tour

Do you have any plans for tomorrow? Is this your first time on Koh Chang? Or are you
a Koh Chang old friend? Whether it’s yes or no, if you are looking to explore something
different, join us!

Slow Life Cycling is a personal and safe Koh Chang bicycle tour. Traveling by bicycle is an
ideal way to explore Koh Chang as it’s slow enough to see the details and fast enough to
see them all. Our trip philosophy will be focusing on “living like a local” by riding through
local areas to see culture and experience the way of local living with fascinating scenery
surrounding you.

With our tour, you will be escorted by a local friendly tour guide who is happy to show you
another perspective of Koh Chang. You can also stop at any place while riding for as long
as you want; we won’t hurry you as we are in a society with a slow-paced lifestyle.

If you are looking for a genuine and unforgettable
vacation experience, you will find it with us.
Slow Life Cycling, Koh Chang Bicycle Tour.