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About Us SlowLifeCycling Koh Chang Bicycle Tour

Koh Chang Bicycle

After graduating from university,I had a chance to work in a small resort in Koh Chang for one year. Then I moved back to BKK to study to be a tour guide. After that, I was inspired by my friend to build a small hostel in Koh Chang, so I decided to work at one of the coolest hostels in BKK to know how to operate one and gain more experience. Beyond the experience & knowledge I've learnt, I met many great people. And I had a chance to set up a tour desk at the hostel; it has opened up the world of cycling to me. I contacted many tour operators and did a lot of inspection trips, and I fell in love with cycling tours. The tours let me have another chance to cycle again since I was a kid, which made me remember how fun it is.

Now, it's time for me to follow my dream to build my own hostel, so I moved back to Koh Chang. While I'm here, riding a bicycle is part of my life for fitness and leisure. I meet many great local people, learn more culture and also appreciate fascinating natural surroundings along the way.

I figured, while I'm waiting to build my own hostel, why don't I share this unique experience with others? So this idea has turned into Slow Life Cycling, Koh Chang bicycle tour.